The use of waste as a sub product can be considered to be the basis of recycling. And this practice is the main method of crucial contribution, with regeneration of the environment and our surroundings.


At Trashforcash (M) Sdn. Bhd. (“T4C”), we work on the basis of this idea to generate activity centered on a circular economy, which suggests boosting the use of resources that come from elements at the end of their useful life, and reinstating their presence in the production chain. This not only generates wealth, but also contributes to sustaining the natural environment.


Over the past few years it has undoubtedly come to light that natural resources such as raw materials in the production chain are progressively becoming scarce, and the concept of energy saving is becoming more and more linked to economic saving. Here is where efforts are focused to generate a new source of activity that very seriously considers and values these questions.