Other Services

  1. Trash4Cash provides other kind of waste management services. Our clients include those from the private sector, industrial, institution, commercial, factory, hospital, and university.

   2.  Trash4Cash has a range of other cleansing services:-

Collection and Disposal of Domestic Waste

Collection and Disposal of Renovation and Construction Waste

Collection, Shredding and Disposal of Confidential Documents

Collection of Various Recyclables Materials

Consulting Services on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (3R) Programmes

Food Waste Composting

Sales of Bins i.e. Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB), Leach Bin, Recycle Bin

Cleaning Services (Draining Cleaning, Road Sweeping and Housekeeping Services)

Landscaping Services (Grass Cutting, Pruning)

Emergency Services

Our Vehicles



Trash4cash has a fleet of various service vehicle models for every operation requirement. We have dedicated fleet of waste collection vehicles, professional drivers and committed customer representatives. Trash4Cash strives to provide reliable and trustworthy service